How to Prepare for a Lymphatic Drainage Massage

So you’ve booked your appointment and you’re excited to to experience the many health benefits of the Lymphatic Drainage Massage, but are unsure how to properly prepare for your appointment?

We’ve created a checklist of steps to follow before and after your Lymphatic Drainage Massage, to make the most out of your appointment and prolong the results.

Before your appointment:

Have a Light Meal

Have a light meal before your appointment- nothing too heavy, buttery or salty. A big part of the lymphatic massage focuses on the abdominal area in order to activate the inguinal lymph nodes, so a heavy, fatty meal might block those passageways and ultimately impact the results of the massage. Additionally, food rich in salt (particularly seafood and chips) will counteract your systems ability to rid of excess water retention, which can also clash with trying to flush out toxins and excess water from the tissue.

Light meals rich in fibers, antioxidant, probiotics and proteins (think oatmeal, berries, greek yogurt, almonds, beans, lean meat) would not only boost the results of your LDM but also make you feel your best!

Stay Away From Caffeine


Do not consume a lot of caffeine prior to your appointment. Caffeine is a natural diuretic and it quickly depletes your system of water. LDM targets the elimination of excess water in the tissue, so naturally when you combine the two, you can cause a mild dehydration on your body. Opt for a drink rich in antioxidants - like matcha or caffeine-free green tea - and continue to replenish your system with plenty of water and electrolytes for the rest of the day, after your treatment, so you aid in flushing out toxins while staying hydrated!

Wear Comfortable, Loose Clothes


Wear loosely fitted clothes and underwear when you come in for your appointment. Our lymph vessels sit very close to the surface of the skin, and tight clothes or underwear can easily block those pathways.


After your Appointment:

Stay Hydrated

It’s normal to feel like you’ll want to use the washroom more often than normal after your Lymphatic Drainage Massage - your metabolism will naturally flush out build up of toxins and excess water retention from the tissue. Remember to stay hydrated and replenish on electrolytes (just add a few slices of lemon to your water or get a fresh fruit/veggie smoothie).

Do Some Light Cardio


In most cases, a Lymphatic Drainage Massage will release tension from the fascia and might make you feel a bit lethargic. However, it is quite beneficial to continue the work of the lymphatic massage by doing some light cardio. Whether that’s a short walk around the neighbourhood or a 5-minute jump rope exercise, further reinforcing the lymphatic system will prolong the the effects of the massage and inevitably help you feel more energetic!

Start Dry Brushing


Dry brushing does much more than just keep your skin smooth and exfoliated. It helps activate your lymph nodes and move the lymphatic fluid through the lymph vessels. Use a dry brush daily before your shower, always moving with upwards strokes towards the heart, and don’t forget to moisturize after the shower for soft and healthy skin.

Listen to Your Body


Paying attention to what your body tells you is extremely important. Whether you decide to hit the gym right after or just lounge for the rest of the day, remember to do only what feels right for you.


On a final note, keep in mind that although there are different methods and schools of practice of LDM, a truly therapeutic and healing Lymphatic Drainage should not be painful and intense, but rather relaxing and invigorating. The immediate sculpting and toned effect of the treatment is only just one of its many health benefits.