Skincare on the Slopes: How to Keep your Skin Protected & Nourished

Are you planning your next winter getaway? Don't forget to pack your skincare along with your ski pants this time.

The cold, dry winds, extreme temperatures, and intense UV exposure in the mountains are not exactly your skin's best allies. Whether you're avid skier or you just enjoy some après-ski festivities, then you would know that in these altitudes, your skin can get very dry, very fast. Keeping your skin protected and nourished will help relieve any signs of itchiness and discomfort that is caused by the harsh elements of the mountains. It only takes one day to cause detrimental damage to your skin barrier that might be difficult to recover from. 

Here's a few important tips you should know before you spend your day on the slopes:

The importance of Sunscreen in Higher Altitudes:

Yes, sunscreen is not meant to be used only on your exotic, summer escapes. UV exposure on the slopes in no joke and here's why:

  1. UV radiation at higher altitudes is significantly higher than at sea level with an increase of 10%-12% with every 1000 metres increase in altitude as per the World Health Organization. For example- The altitude of Whistler, British Columbia 7,497 ft (2,284 m), and the UV levels will be 22% more intense that at sea level.
  2. Snow and ice reflect between 80% - 90% of sunlight, a phenomenon known as snow albedo. This makes the exposure to damaging UV rays substantially more intense and dangerous, as indicated by a National Institutes of Health 2010 study
  3. Even through cloudy skies, UV exposure is significant enough to cause long term concerns like chronic dryness and irritation, hyperpigmentation and greater cancer risk.

Always pack an SPF with a high, broad spectrum coverage and reapply every 2 hours.

EltaMD Clear has a lightweight and non-comedogenic formula that is perfect for acneic, oily skin types but is loved by all skin types.

Marini Physical Protectant is a medium-weight mineral sunscreen that protects the skin while adding luminosity.


Protective Skincare  

Applying a nourishing, lipid rich moisturizer before you hit the slopes is a basic necessity- adding a protective oil and and a hydrating mist is what will ensure your skin stays comfortable all day.   

Creme Dermo RL is packed with rich, regenerative oils that will keep your skin protected from harsh winds and cold temperatures:

A protective and nourishing oil that will act as a shield on you skin:             

A hydrating mist packed with antioxidants  and an oxygenating complex that will have your looking refreshed:

Your best ally against chapped, dry lips:

Après-Ski Treatments

To give your skin an extra boost of hydration and nourishment add these repairing and regenerative treatments. 

Use Masque Visolastine+  as an intense treatment to give your skin a boost of hydration and comfort.

And one for the lips!