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More Than Just A Relaxing Massage

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The Essential Lymphatic Drainage Massage is an invigorating body massage that utilizes our signature Essence Technique to help the lymphatic system rid of stagnant lymphatic fluid, toxins and excess water and naturally improve the metabolic rate. More than just a relaxing massage- this technique debloats, depuffs, detoxifies and contours with immediate and noticeable results for both the body and mind.

This method increases both lymph and blood circulation, using targeted rhythmic motions to release tension in the fascia , eliminate blockages and build-up in the lymphatic system to boost circulatory function.

Added benefits to this service:

  • naturally boosts the immune system
  • gives the body a sculpted look and a natural glow 
  • leaves you a euphoric and re-energized feeling

Please advise your doctor if you suffer from any medical conditions, prior to booking your appointment. The Lymphatic Drainage Massage is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition. By booking your appointment, you acknowledge you are responsible for your own health decisions.

Please, also note that this service cannot be claimed through insurance for the time being.

NON RMT 90min / $225 | RMT 90min / $325

The Essential Lymphatic Drainage Massage


The Essential Lymphatic Drainage Massage includes the  chest, neck, and face to the original body treatment, the signature Essence Lymphatic Drainage Massage will transform your entire body, debloat and depuff and leave you feeling relaxed, re-energized and sculpted. This technique targets all major lymphatic pathways to effectively eliminate water retention and toxin build up from the face and ease tension on the shoulders and neck. A fully comprehensive approach to lymphatic drainage- the full body service is ideal for anyone suffering from water retention, bloating, toxin build up (that can appear as acne or irregular breakouts on the face),  cellulite, or for anyone looking to enhance their weight loss journey. This is a fantastic treatment before an event to help boost your metabolism, and reveal a more slimmer  and sculpted figure from head to toe.

NON RMT 60min / $175 | RMT 60min / $225

The Essential Lymphatic Drainage Massage


The Essence Lymphatic Drainage Massage Technique has been carefully created to deliver immediate results by reducing bloating and swelling and flushing out excess water. By the end of the treatment you will feel deeply relaxed and re-energized, as the treatment aims to detoxify both  body and mind.


How can I prepare for my lymphatic drainage massage?

    - Drink water before and after your appointment to stay hydrated
    - Avoid having a large meal before your session. We recommend a light meal no less than an hour before your appointment
    - Avoid tight clothes and underwear as they can block the lymphatic circulation.
    - Avoid wearing heavy makeup if you are getting a face lymphatic massage.

If you feel like you have a cold/ head cold, or flu-like symptoms, please give us a call ahead of your appointment.

Can I ask my practitioner for a firmer pressure during my treatment?

No. The Essence Lymphatic Drainage Massage technique has been developed based on extensive studies and targeted methodologies that have proven a light to medium rhythmic pressure to be the most effective for lymphatic drainage, without causing any harm. The results will not be as effective if you wish to choose a firmer/lighter pressure.

What areas of the body are being targeted?

This technique focuses on reinforcing the main lymphatic pathways of the body including front and back of the legs, abdomen, groin, clavicles, full arms and face. If there’s one particular area of concern that you wish to target, please share that with your practitioner prior to your appointment.

How soon can I see results?

Results may vary depending on your metabolism’s ability to process the applied stimulus. Most individuals feel an immediate light and relaxed sensation after the session, along with a more sculpted and toned figure.

What should I expect after my treatment?

It is important to stay hydrated after your treatment. Keep drinking a lot of water throughout the day to aid in the elimination of toxins and excess lymph build up. It is normal to feel the need to use the washroom more often for a day or two after your treatment. Try to avoid excess salt and processed sugar consumption.

How does the Facial Lymphatic Drainage work?

The Facial Lymphatic Drainage massage starts from the clavicles by reinforcing the flow of the Supraclavicular and thoracic lymphs, and slowly move up to the facial lymphs to help depuff, sculpt and lift. Our shoulders and face tend to hold a lot of tension and this technique will melt all the stress away, and help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Apart from manual lymphatic massage we also incorporate a GuaSha massage to further assist in the elimination of toxins and tone the facial muscles.