A Personalized Vision of Skincare


50 years of Skincare innovation

Biologique Recherche is a luxury French skincare brand founded in 1977 by Yvan, Josette and Philippe Allouche, a biologist, physiotherapist, and doctor respectively. Biologique Recherche is the backbone of The Essence Facial treatments and the brand’s approach to skin health was what ignited Effie and Rena’s passion for skincare many years ago. Over the years, the French skincare brand has acquired a “cult-like following” for its outstandingly effective and respectful approach to skincare, and is beloved by celebrities, estheticians, and beauty editors across the world.

The Products

As a clinical-grade skincare line, Biologiqure Recherche, takes a unique clinical approach to luxury skincare using pure, raw, and highly concentrated (20% or more) active ingredients for skincare that truly transforms the skin. Its extensive product list and treatment protocol is created based on the idea that everyone’s skin is unique and personalization is key when it comes to Biologique Recherche. Every product is dermatology tested and free from alcohol, parabens, artificial fragrances, and silicons. All the products are produced in BR’s temperature controlled production facilities in Argenteuil, just outside of Paris. Biologique Recherche’s commitment to research and product formulation is second to none and it’s what truly sets them apart from the rest of the skincare world. Bilogique Recherche products and treatments are selectively provided only by top-tier, prestigious establishments such as clinics, medispas and hotel spas worldwide.

From the iconic Lotion P50, often called “Jesus in a Bottle’ for the glow and halo effect it gives the skin, to their transformational Masque Vivant and Creme Masque Vernix, Biologique Recherche has an extensive list of products that truly reflect the different needs each individual has. From cleansers to Quintessential Serums, to Masks and Creams- Biologique Recherche experts are trained to “prescribe” products and routines that match your Skin Instant© and target your concerns.

You’ll find that you’ll have to create an Essence account to be able to see the pricing and details of each Biologique Recherche product, and that is because we create a personal account with Biologique Recherche products that work for you and customize it along the way, making suggestions and monitoring your progress.

The Methodology

Biologique Recherche’s methodology is based on hyper-personalized skin care protocols adapted to the Skin Instant© of each individual. Biologique Recherche Experts undergo rigorous training of the extensive product & technique protocol to be able to prescribe a personalized at home routine and customize an in-studio treatment that will deliver true results and transform each client’s skin based on their unique Skin Instant©. The 3 stages of the Biologique Recherche methodology consist of 

1)The Assessment Stage, where the Skin Expert performs a thorough dermo-cosmetic diagnosis to identify your exact Skin Instant©. 

2) The Initialization Stage, where the Skin Expert begins the treatment protocol with an individualized preparation of your epidermis 

This follows a precise and rigorous ritual based on:

  • Thorough cleansing of your skin combined with a massage; 
  • And preparing your skin, using the appropriate Lotion P50, and then applying a customized face mask.

3) The Treatment Stage, where each tissue is targeted and treated in depth.

This stage incorporates products with the highest concentration of active ingredients, to “recondition” the epidermis and help enhance its potential for self-regeneration. When they’re applied in line with the Biologique Recherche methodology, they balance, hydrate and revitalize the epidermis as required by each Skin Instant©. The active ingredients take effect gradually,  the skin quality improves, and the complexion becomes radiant. 

The effects of a Biologique Recherche are long-lasting and are recommended to be performed monthly, with every new skin cycle to enhance skin health and radiance.

The Difference

Biologique Recherche has been offering individually tailored beauty expertise for almost 50 years, with exceptional personalized treatments that deliver recognized clinical results. Their approach to skincare is centered on the individual, and Biologique Recherche’s purpose is to further skin quality and health, and enhance self-esteem - which is so essential to people’s fundamental wellbeing.

Biologique Recherche’s commitment goes beyond what we are used to, with their Social Responsible Approach to Universal Wellbeing. Along with their commitments to health, safety, environmental protection, socially responsible labor, and strong partnerships with Charity programs, they have made a valuable contribution to charity wellness for Cancer by designing special skincare treatments for cancer survivors and people living with cancer. 

Their goal is to offer treatments and products that are unique, sustainable and socially responsible, offer sustainable development across their entire value chain, and actively support the wellbeing of staff and local communities.