Omnilux Contour Face

$535.00 CAD

The Omnilux Contour Mask combines clinically proven wavelengths of light with optimized energy levels in a process called LED (Light Emitting Diode) phototherapy. Using LED Red and Near infrared, 633nm + 830nm wavelengths with 132 LEDs (66 red and 66 infrared) encased in 66 bulbs, the Omnilux Contour Mask works on a cellular level to stimulate new collagen, and is scientifically proven to  minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and the visible signs of aging, while also speeding up healing.

The device is comfortable and painless, safe for all skin types, portable and easy to use.

If you're looking for a non-invasive and effective way to improve your skin's overall appearance, medical-grade light therapy might be the solution you've been searching for. The benefits of using Omnilux Contour Face include: 

  • Stimulates collagen and increases elastin within the skin, which in turn reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces inflammation and improves skin tone
  • Enhances skin texture while reducing the visibility of pores.
  • Expedites healing for faster fading of pigmentation
  • Integrates seamlessly with your current skincare routine to promote youthful, healthy-looking skin.
  • Experience visibly brighter and fuller-looking skin with just one treatment.
  • FDA-cleared as both safe and effective, based on extensive clinical studies
  • Proven benefits of medical-grade light therapy are available to you in a convenient, comfortable, affordable, and easy to use home device

Clean thoroughly after every use as per product instructions.
Read product instruction for contraindications before use.

Use 2 to 4 times per week, for 10 to 20 minute sessions.

- Be sure the device is charged
- Clean your skin
- Secure device comfortable around your neck using velcro straps
- Start 10-minute treatment
- Remove device & apply moisturizer to skin
- Wipe down device with wet cloth

Pro tip: you can use a water based-clear face mask or serum while masking to allow the active ingredients to penetrate deeper and calm down any redness or irritation. We love using it with the Iso-placenta serum from Biologique Recherche, or the Y-theorem biocelluloce mask from 111skin after medical grade treatments like microneedling

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